- Charles Darwin
It is not the strongest of the species that               survive, nor the most intelligent, but         
the best strategized and most     
responsive to change.
Strategic learning is learning through the awareness and intentional activation 
of strategy, on demand, so that new information can be converted into knowledge in ways most aligned to natural brain function.
What is Strategic Learning?
If the response is "no", 
the odds are the following 
scenario is a common one for your household.  

You've watched your child prepare for class, you know he listened to lectures and spent hours in his room reviewing teacher-provided outlines, reading textbooks and "studying" non-stop before exam days.  He kept his school planner up-to-date and did all his homework.

Yet, at the end of the quarter, his grades were not nearly as good as his efforts seemed to warrant.  

Maybe you began to wonder if your child had worked as hard as it seemed.  Maybe you punished him for not meeting your             expectations. Maybe you met with his teachers and hired tutors to improve his grades.  Maybe you did all of these things and your child's grades remained the same! 

Imagine his confusion, frustration and
sense of failure!

It's enough to make a child want to throw in the towel.

What went wrong?

Good effort is a necessary ingredient but is often
not enough to promote 
efficient learning.

"Without a systematic
and organized
(systematic + organized = strategic) approach to learning, studying new materials is just
 "spray and pray"...try hard, see what happens,
and hope for the best."
Ask yourself,
"Is my child a strategic learner?"
If you can't answer the question,
the odds are, 
the response is "no"!

If your child is a strategic learner, you will see it,
and you will hear it!

Strategic learners are visible learners.  They are loud learners, and they are collaborative learners.  They are mobile and often       play music.  Strategic learners strive to experience new material through as many senses as possible while learning.  A child that consistently practices the methods of strategic learning has as her primary goals, the activation, the achievement and the         refinement of personal understanding.  She actively engages in     learning, striving to merge her thinking with sources of               information to gain new insight and comprehension.  Strategic     learners are master learners because they know and activate       strategies on demand, no matter the learning environment.

Strategic learners are in-tune with the ways their
minds work best.

A strategic learner is aware of her unique learning style, the way her brain was created to best receive, process, and remember new information. She is aware of  the types of information with which she most easily connects and filters her learning through those connections.  

Strategic learners do not rely on  pre-packaged learning. 

A strategic learner captures her thinking and transforms it into readily absorbed and processed memory packets, ones she can recall on-demand.  She checks for personal   understanding,           repairs faulty comprehension, and reflects back to find gaps in her process.

And much, much more....

- Sheldon H. Horowitz, Ed.D. 
Learning is
parent coaching
Learning is
Everyone is Smart...
but few know how to learn!
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