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Training students the most effective ways to learn
Training parents the most effective ways to coach change
Why are some students
masters of learning
while others come up short,
even after great effort?

That's the question our founder, Jeanette Peacock, asked herself.  Having spent more than 15 years successfully leading people while simultaneously designing and rolling-out coworker, leadership, time-management, workflow and organization instructional trainings, Jeanette had a keen awareness of two things:

      At the heart of all great learning is the                 awareness and application of strategy

      Yet, very few students have been                         effectively trained to activate learning &             thinking strategies with intent and on                 demand - the hallmark behaviors of master       learners!
How do brains work to
best and most naturally
learn, think, be productive
and form habits? 
During The Strategic Learner Workshops, proven, science-based strategies are trained to students  in highly interactive, hands-on workshops, the kind brain science tells us yield the best long-term habit creation results. The content is delivered in fun and engaging ways, and then practiced over and over again to achieve a true learning transfer.  Each week students come together for 2 hours and leave with the beginnings of what will become new mind tools they can deliberately activate on demand.  They also leave with enough practice activities to nudge these tools along the path of becoming lifelong habits.   
How learn2learnnow Came to Be
The Science Behind learn2learnnow 
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But research tells us that’s not enough to create long-term behavior change, so the
Parent Coaching Program trains parents to use powerful dialogue and reinforcement techniques at home to help their children transform those diamond-in-the-rough mind tools into lifelong habits. Though delivered during the same period as The Strategic Learner Workshops™, The Parent Coaching Program™ meets just 6 times, yet arms parents with step-by-step activities and scripts designed to create a productive learning environment and stimulate the type of skill practice science tells us is absolutely critical to change the brain’s habit mechanisms. 

If you would like your children to become master learners in a way that makes it stick, reserve a spot for an upcoming brain-based workshop series. To optimize interaction and maximize results, workshops are limited to
20 students and fill up fast.  
Would you like
your children 
to become master learners in a way that makes it stick?

Together, learn2learnnow's
Strategic Learner Workshops
and its simultaneously-delivered
Parent Coaching Program
train powerful mind tools to students and reinforcement skills to their parents, because success isn't just about being smart, it's also about knowing how and being able to activate the strategies consistently used by master learners.
So, Jeanette became passionately committed to developing a science-based program that would enable children to strategically activate the power of their brains and place it in the palms of their own hands, just where it belongs. 

The culmination of this work is the creation of
The Strategic Learner Workshops.
Jeanette then set out to increase the odds of skill adoption, habit formation and retention. Her years of delivering trainings designed to achieve behavior change impressed upon her 2 things:

     Converting trained skills into habits                    requires practice, practice and more                  practice

     Even with practice, habits cannot be formed      without the delivery of frequent and                    appropriate feedback
Both have been developed using the 4MAT Instructional Design Model, a  brain-based training method used to transfer skills to more than a million people worldwide.  This model intentionally moves learners through the same cognitive activities the brain naturally activates in order to most effectively receive, process and convert new information into easily-retrievable memory. 
To that end, she spent 10 years researching, consolidating and transforming neuroscience and brain-based learning breakthroughs, along with research into exactly how master learners use strategy to consistently achieve excellent results, and merged it all into a short-cut path to mastering strategic learning, thinking and productivity skills. 
How much does it cost to
unleash your child's potential?
Much less than typical tutoring fees!
The culmination of this work is the creation of
The Parent Coaching Program
Studying the science of habit creation reinforced Jeanette's anecdotal experiences, so she encapsulated, tested and refined her findings into a program parents could execute at home to stack the cards in their children's favor.  
Thousands of scientists, cognitive psychologists, learning professionals and more have explored this question, seeking answers for a century.  With the advent of new technology, scientists have been able to scan brains while in the act of carrying out specific brain functions, like learning and thinking. Their research has allowed the mapping of brain functions, so that we now know more than ever before about how the brain best and most naturally works to learn, think, be productive and form habits.  
While literally millions of pieces of research exist, learn2learnnow has funneled down the most relevant data and leveraged the new findings, along with research into how master learners activate strategy while learning, and brought it all together in its Strategic Learner Workshops™ and 
Parent Coaching Program™. 
Renowned learning institutions and leading scientists from around the world are joining forces, and their findings are exploding the old ways of thinking about what it really means to be smart. They are defining a radically new way of thinking and reveal that being smart has much more to do with strategy than with the way one's brain is wired at birth. 
The link below will provide a snapshot of just a fraction of the material leveraged to develop the learn2learnnow workshops.
but few have been trained             how to effectively learn!